Sunday, July 27, 2014

Silver Up

I made several of these fine silver rings several months ago.  I seated the beaded beads on an angle in opposite directions to give them balance. They have an organic feel to them with the hammer marks lightly patina'd. 

These earrings have been listed in my Etsy Shop for $34.

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Shop Sale - Inventory Reduction

It's time to reduce inventory. Come take a look at the sale section of my Etsy Shop. Everything is ready to ship. 

A Bronze And Brown ($14) seed bead medallions. These were a spin off of my Medallion Earring Tutorial.  I added a top layer of beads to create dimension.

These Butter Yellow ($16) earrings have been favored by 29 people. I am bewildered as to why they have never sold. Person number 30 these are waiting for you.

These Midnight Blue Pearl ($12) earrings were the prototype for my Glamour Earring Tutorial.  This tutorial has been a best seller.

I called these Sassy Earrings ($14) because the colors are so vibrant. I just listed them last week, but I think they are perfect for summer so they need to find a home.

There are many more selections. Please stop over for a look.

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Summer Inspiration

A few items from my studio time this week. I turned the standard peyote stitched triangle into my own.

A jump ring stitched it into the corner of the bead pattern worked perfectly for a dangle bead. Of course, mine had to be a beaded bead.

Another version of my peyote triangle is this layered look. I even think a third smaller triangle would be awesome for a longer style. I attached them by adding a small sterling silver bead at the point. The tri-color is a wonderful combination!

I have made a few of these triangles in the past month and I discovered the best way to finish the edges is with 15/0 seed beads. The finish makes it look like a diamond chip.

Stay cool!

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Newest Caterpillar Bracelet

A new addition to the shop this week. I never seem to run out of ideas to recreate this design with a new color and unique toggles. This has been listed in my Etsy shop today.

The color scheme inspired me to change up the banner as well. Love it!

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Update: Spiral Loop Bracelet Tutorial

It's been on my do to list for quite some time. When I designed the Spiral Loop Bracelet in 2011 I only made one prototype of the bracelet. A cold and rainy day today was the motivation for me to revisit the idea of making another prototype. This bracelet requires size 8/0 beads. I have a limited selection of colors and quantities. To avoid running out of any one color I chose to alternate four contrast colors. I am very happy with the color combination. It is soft and feminine looking.

I have also just listed in my Etsy shop these lavender beaded bead spinner earrings.


Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Spring Colors

Springing into lighter colors.

Simple and sweet. Both earrings will be listed in my Esty shop this week.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Hello Spring!

The winter silence has been broken with chirping birds, chattering squirrls and peepers. With spring in the air I never imagined I would still be clicking the sticks on my sweater. I had set a goal to be done by March 31st which would have been 6 weeks total. I did not anticipate how slow the center cable design was going to be for me. As I approach the 8th week I am pumped with confidence and motivation. I was able to try it on for size this weekend. Fits just like it was made for me! 
After I took the above picture I trimmed all of the loose ends and added the collar band. I wished I had gone down a needle size. This is more preference than anything else. Once this sweater is blocked it does become more refined in appearance as the fibers relax. In the end, the collar will be just fine.

Sleeves, here I come. Realistically, with the warmer weather here I will give myself 3 weeks for each sleeve. 
On the jewelry side of things I had a first time buyer from Lillesand, Norway. They purchased three pairs of earrings and a bracelet. I received word from the buyer that the package arrived in 4 days. That is quicker than some of my packages to the south or west. I received a kind note from the buyer which made me look up the exact location in Wikipedia. Lillesand is a seaside village with a population of approximately 9,500. The pictures were absolutely charming and they surely resembled a New England seaside port.
I received an inquiry today for a pair of earrings resembling berries. The buyer did not commit yet, but since I had a little time this evening I quickly assembled a pair. They are delicious looking.
I also have a pair of Spinners available in battleship gray. These are a shorter dangle than the original design. About 2 inches total from the ear wire to the curly cue wires on the end. This has got to be one of my favorite designs.

Enjoy the weather this coming week.

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Bead One Knit Two

I am thinking about changing my blog mission statement to Bead One Knit Two. Combining my interests seems to make more sense than writing two blogs.

First mention is a navy blue and ivory bracelet I designed this past week incorporating beaded beads. I really like the mixed materials and I hope they are well received.  

March is a perfect time to take inventory and prepare for spring and summer color pallettes.
As promised in my prior post I have work in progress photo of my sweater. Remember, I had to frog the first attempt because my third stitch pattern was flawed in count. I hope to finish 5 inches more of the current stitch pattern this week. Once complete I begin transitioning to the 4th stitch pattern as well as the shaping of the armholes. 
I have seen half a dozen finished sweaters of this design by  other Ravelry members.  I am happy to know the pattern has been thoroughly tested before me. Seeing their completed projects keeps me motivated to finish as quickly as possible. My goal is to be done before April 1. If you want to see the Tarian by Thayer Preece Parker go here. It has glorious detail and I love the sleeve option. I am not quite sure if I will add the thumb hole yet, but it is a good possibility.