Sunday, November 10, 2013

Personalizing Gifts

I had a buyer recently request a gift card enclosure. I replied "no problem, I can do that". Then I had a sinking feeling I knew little about my buyer and style. So, for the first time I attached an image to the Etsy email reply asking for her approval on the presentation. She loved it and gave me the okay.

I just received her feedback rating the other day. The card I created from scratch in a card making program and the origami paper packaging was well received by the recipient.

For the holiday season I plan to include this in my shop announcement as available and free of charge. First, this just makes perfect sense to offer it and not make a buyer wonder if it is an option.

The moral of the story is listen to your buyers and make strides to bridge that gap.

1 comment:

  1. Fantastic words of advice! Your gift card enclosures are very pretty and will be welcome especially for holiday shoppers! I need to get coordinated with my branding and design custom enclosures as well. I keep saying I'll redesign my business card too - I've had the same one for years but I still like it. :-)